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Mount Etna, Sicily.

Mount Etna is located on the island of Sicily in Italy. It is interesting to know that Etna volcano is a self-formed volcano. 600 thousand years ago in its place was the bay. Today, Etna Volcano is the largest active volcano in Europe and thus arouses interest among travellers. Mount Etna is inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade is the beautiful capital of Serbia. Belgrade is named after the white-stone fortress, which the Romans built in 33 BC. The city of Belgrade has a long and somewhat sad history. But today it is a modern youth city in which it is nice to come for the weekend. I would even call Belgrade a city of fun. 😉  The answer to the question: “Why?”, Read in the previous article “7 facts about Belgrade and Serbs that surprised me!”

Horrible Hollywood.

“Hollywood – the place where dreams come true,” by these words screenwriters described Hollywood in the film “Pretty Woman”. I believed them and therefore thought that Hollywood is some kind of magical place. 🤩 That the famous Walk of Fame, is located in the heart of the district (it is there), and on it day and night walk crowds of celebrities. That in the middle of this whole holiday of life lies a red carpet. In general, as you can see, I have rich imagination. 😇

Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Santa Barbara is one of the most glamorous cities in California. It differs from neighbouring settlements with magnificent architecture in the Mudejar style. The city of Santa Barbara is located between the Pacific coast and the Santa Ynez Mountains. All this, in conjunction with the excellent weather conditions, annually attracts to Santa Barbara thousands of tourists, and also celebrities and rich people.


Cologne (Köln), Germany.

Living in the city of Düsseldorf, I very often went to Cologne, usually for inspiration. This happened for the reason, because in Cologne there is a large community of creative people that you can meet while strolling along the streets. Both of these cities are beautiful, but only in Cologne I could relax, rest and be inspired.

Bonn, Germany.

Bonn, Germany.

The German City Bonn is known to the world as the city where the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born. That is why in Bonn at every step you will meet various monuments, houses and other attractions related to Beethoven.

I really liked Bonn. A small German town in which it is pleasant to stroll along the streets, admire the architecture, visit the local sights and look at the university where was studied Friedrich Nietzsche.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA.

Caddo Lake 2. Texas, USA.

Our new trip on the Caddo Lake can even be called amusing. The lake remained as beautiful as a couple of years ago, but the only thing that bothered me this time, was the presence of alligators in it. I do not know if they were there on our first visit, or they were transported there by someone until we arrived again, but now it’s a fact. On the Caddo Lake live alligators.

Houston, Texas, USA.

Of all the cities that I have visited in Texas, USA I most liked Houston. Houston – a city with a furious energy. Each time arriving in Houston, I would like to move, go somewhere, do something. I have the desire to dress nicely and simply walk on the streets.

By the way, about the streets of Houston. I do not know about you, but I get excited at the sight of “stone jungle”. Especially in sunny weather. I love to walk around the city and watch on skyscrapers, it seems to me that they kept some secrets. And next to these huge buildings, you feel a grain of sand in the grand universe.

Caddo Lake, Texas – Louisiana, United States.

About the Caddo Lake, which is located on the borders of the State of Texas and Louisiana, we learned from the friends. Caddo Lake Is located just 32 miles from Shreveport, Louisiana, and is a state park.

According to history, this lake is named for the Indian tribe named Caddo, that lived in the lake until they were expelled from there in the 19th century. One of the notable features of the Caddo Lake is are flooded cypress forests. They create a romantic atmosphere and attract tourists to this lake.