Taormina, Sicily, Italy.

Taormina is a popular resort town located on the east coast of Sicily. The city of Taormina is known for being located near the volcano Etna and on its territory there is a functioning Greek-Roman theatre.

How to get there.

The nearest airport to which you can fly is located in Catania. From Catania to Taormina by car without traffic jams only 40 minutes away.

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Where to stay.

As in any other tourist town in Taormina, there are several accommodation options: you can stay at one of the hotels or rent apartments.

We, as experienced travelers and comfort lovers have chosen the second option. And we’re more than satisfied.

The apartments we stayed in are called: “Iancu Charme Apartments”. They turned out to be completely new, the owner said that he had opened them only in mid-July. We liked everything.

“Iancu Charme Apartments” are located in a very convenient location. For example, you can walk from a house to a paid beach in 3 minutes. The hike and the nearest supermarket will take the same amount of time. Another important convenience in this apartments that they have a private parking area. If you already been for the vacations in Europe, you can appreciate this plus.

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Taormina, Sicily, Italy. www.ellinaraisovna.com3

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Where and What to eat.

Of all the places in which we had a chance to eat, I can safely recommend three.

1. Breakfast is best in the cafe “C&G Cioccolato e Gelato”.

Address: Piazza S. Antonio, 7, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy.

In this place all the sweets are fresh and incredibly tasty. I recommend you to try there traditional Sicilian dessert – Cannoli.

Another advantage of the C&G cafe is that from their terrace there is a beautiful view of the sea.

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Taormina, Sicily, Italy. www.ellinaraisovna.com9

Taormina, Sicily, Italy. www.ellinaraisovna.com10

2. Not far from the aforementioned cafe, there is the restaurant “Trattoria Tiramisù”, where you should have dinner at least once.

Address: Viale Apollo Arcageta, 9, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy.

I warn you immediately that the table should be booked in advance.

In Trattoria Tiramisù you should definitely try several dishes.

– Take an antipasto “Pesce Crudo Marinato”, which the locals jokingly call “Italian Sushi”, it consists of freshly pickled fish.

– As a main dish, be sure to try “Linguine all’astice”. This is pasta with lobster. Incidentally, it was the most delicious pasta I tried in Italy.

– For dessert, it’s worth taking “Panna cotta al pistacchio” or “Tiramisu”.

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3. The third restaurant is located on the seafront and is called “Il Barcaiolo”. Il Barcaiolo is a small restaurant that is popular with both tourists and locals. Therefore, be sure to book a table in advance.

In this restaurant, I recommend that you try everything. They always have tasty and fresh fish, wonderful desserts.

Taormina, Sicily, Italy. www.ellinaraisovna.com13

About what visit in Taormina, I will tell you in the next article.

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