The total list of books

The total list of books.

I started read books when I was a child. At that time I read a lot of children’s stories, detective stories, adventure. And after that, I wanted read more and more books. But not only classic literature also some specific books. 

Five years ago, in one of the business book, I found the advice of the author to make a list about all book what I’m already read and books that I would like to read in the future.

You know, it helped me. Because since then, I always know exactly how many and which books I have read in a particular year, and I always have on hand a list of the books that I would like to read.

Now, when I come to the bookstore, I no longer have to remember the names of the authors and name of the book, because I always have that list with me.

Before, I always forget the titles of the books, which someone advised me to read, but now, as soon as I hear about an interesting book, I write it to my list and then buying it and read it.

Plus, I always have the opportunity to choose. To date, this list contains about 100 books, their number varies constantly. Is depending about new advice and about what I’m already read.

Describing my impression from reading the last book “Rework”, I thought that not only I can share with you a list of interesting literature, also you can do it.

I invite all together to make a list of books that can benefit everyone! Write in the comments the authors and the titles of books that you think are interesting, and everyone who needs advice on “What to read?” Will be able to use your answer!


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