Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs.

At that time when Apple became so popular around the world, Walter Isaacson wrote a book “Steve Jobs”. Unfortunately, about the same time, Steve Jobs died.

Fans of “Apple” productions bought a lot of copies of the book. And the famous black-and-white photography of Steve, has become one of the most recognizable.

At that time (2011) I was not a fan of Apple production, but I was a person, who love to read biographies of great people.

To say that the book “Steve Jobs” touched me, mean does not say anything. This is inspiring, interesting, amazing book. Most of the time, when I was reading it, I felt like I’m a Steve. You can don’t believe me, but try to read it. The author has a talent to write. He wrote book in that way, which, when you read it, you start compare yourself with a main hero. And all time, what I read that book I constantly wanted to do something meaningful, great.

In the book written that Steve Jobs chose by himself Walter Isaacson to write his biography. They met many times, walked, talked, Steve Jobs talked about his life.

This book, one of the most outspoken stories about the life of Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson has done a really great job to write it.

After the publication, the book became a bestseller and was sold in large quantities.

If you are interested about Steve Jobs, as a person, or you just like to read success stories, or you need the motivation for anything – read this book. I promise, you will enjoy.

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