Welcome to the USA.

“Is there life beyond the ocean?” Or “Welcome to the USA!”

America – is a beautiful and vast country, full of contrasts and surprising phenomena. I don’t think that is also amazing for the Americans, but believe me, for the Russian people there is many fun and interesting. Surely, this proposition is true for any other cultures and nations other than Russian, but now I’m going to talk about the States.


My acquaintance with America began in Dallas, at the airport. At passport control, I came across a friendly staff, who, after a half-hour questioning about the reason of my visit, put a stamp with the words: «Welcome to USA». “Thank you” – I said, and went on, convinced that I need just pick up the luggage and get to the car. But it was not like that. After passport control, I waited another queue. It was a luggage inspection. Here I met less friendly guy who was very interesting for material of my bag (as it turned out, he thought that she was made of crocodile skin, and this material is prohibited for import and export) and why I flew to the United States, and even more interested him: when I’ll fly out of here ?! Then I thought, that’s they are tediousness and ask many question just because I’m Russian and they don’t want we came here. A month later, I realized that at that time was mistaken. It was not tediousness, but the difference in mentality and friendliness of Americans. Because they are like that. For them interesting to know everything, and they are open to dialogue both among themselves and with foreign residents.

Walking down the street, coming in a restaurant, a shop you can always hear: «Hello! How is going? »They ask it on the machine and often I do not even have time to answer, these people just pass by, continuing to go about their business. But from time to time we start the dialogue, I wonder what they do not need any excuses or special occasions to speak, they just come up and start talking. As a rule, after the phrase: “I am from Russia,” I see a person who breaks into a dreamy and happy smile. And I hear something like: “Wow! You’re from Russia! I’ve heard a lot about your country and I dream to go there! “As I understand, for the Americans Russia – this is some great and mysterious country of which they have heard a lot, but few have been. Actually for us as America.

Generally, I got the impression that Americans are friendly and kind people. They are always happy to tell you about their country, region, city. Conduct or explain how to get to whatever it can be. And if you suddenly do not understand their “accent”, they are will repeat all.


After a long flight from Europe to Dallas, Texas, I was need to drove by car more three-hour to the state of Louisiana. Picking up at the airport car rental, I went on a trip to America.

The first thing that surprised me – open spaces! After 6 months in Europe, where everything close to each other, go through the steppe road seemed wildly, I thought only in Russia have so much free land.

Another shocking and surprising fact – were bridges. Multi-level interchanges, low-sided and fan-shaped bridges, instead of the usual eye cruciate. When I was a child, I loved to play Need for Speed ​​only there I saw something like that.

Interesting facts.

  1. «Yes, it is true that in every state in America, there is its own government and its laws. It’s even written in Wikipedia.
  2. «America is all like in cinema» is the phrase I heard before my trip, from one of friends. At that time i did not understand what she mean. Today, I remember everywhere. Roads, streets, houses, shops, habits, buses and cars – all this is exactly the same as in the movies. Turn any American film and just look around, everything the same like in the life. Jokes, the way to communicate, clothing and such nuances can transfer indefinitely.
  3. “Take away from Americans disposable cups (with cola, coffee, whatever inside) and his life becomes meaningless.” I’ve never attached importance to such trifles, but seeing it all everywhere I start to notice. Whether it’s a passerby on the street, the staff at the beauty salon, an office worker, a cashier at the counter, pizza boy, neighbor – everyone always has in his hands a disposable cup with some liquid inside. I think it’s in their blood, the format of life «to go» transferred DNA.
  4. «Doggy bag» – another phenomenon that struck me deeply. It’s such a plastic box where you can folded leftovers food in any institution. For example, you have come to dine in the restaurant, ordered food more than able to eat and instead of throwing away the remaining you can take home with them. In America it is very common and is used universally. The fun things starts when they dump in this bag everything: meat, salad, sauce on top. I basically do not understand this option and still never used, but who knows, maybe sometime in the future I’ll also consider this rational.
  5. «Auto …» Another very interesting and convenient option in the United States. What we already know and what available in Russia, so it’s Mack Auto – is food shopping without leaving the car. Here was a little further progress. From what I’ve seen, they have a pharmacy and banks of this format. In pharmacies, you just drive up to the window where he sits pharmacist consults and sells. Banks have a terminal with talking windows. The bank’s employees are sitting out of reach. Ie if necessary, you can put either withdraw money, send money, in general, you can get any banking service without leaving the car. A vacuum tube used for the transmission of money or securities, they “flying” through the vacuum tube.


To be continued …

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