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What to do in Düsseldorf, Germany.

As I said in the previous article, the German City of Düsseldorf is not a tourist city, but nevertheless offers its guests many interesting places to visit.

In Düsseldorf you can entertain yourself by visiting various museums, concerts, theatres, gardens, etc.

I made for you the top 8 attractions of Düsseldorf, which are definitely worth a visit. 

In spite of the fact that I spent a lot of time studying this city, I did not visit all the museums. So I made a list for you of the best places what I visited.

1. Goethe Museum Düsseldorf.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe was a famous German poet, thinker, philosopher, scientist.

The first thing that attracts attention in this museum is the beautiful pink building in which it is located. This building is the castle of the Jägerhaus (Schloss Jägerhof). And in front of the castle is located a huge open book. A fairly well-known place for photographs.

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At the entrance you will meet the administrator-cashier, who will sell you a ticket and tell you where to begin the tour.

The Goethe Museum is located in a two-story building and both these floors store various things and objects related to the history of this man. You can see the books printed in the days of Goethe’s life, his works in various books bindings, some personal items, information about his family, friends and acquaintances.

But the most interesting part of this museum is the hall dedicated to the world-famous work of Goethe, the philosophical drama «Faust”.

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It would seem there is nothing unusual in this room, just a small imitation of the stage, copies of the drama printed in those years, various illustrations for this work and nothing more. But this room fascinated me so much that I stood there like a dug for half an hour and looked at everything to the smallest detail. Then I made a circle around the museum and again returned to this room to enjoy the atmosphere of the great work. It was an amazing experience.

Perhaps, if you do not have a special love for literature, this room will seem to you no less ordinary than the rest. For me it was a place of strength.

The second, most interesting place in this museum, in my opinion, was the Goethe travel map of Italy. I was interested to see what kind of Italian cities he visited, compare with where I’ve been.

I imagine the impression that a trip to Italy could have made in those days on a person. Even in today’s world, Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

2. The next very interesting, romantic and excellent Sunday leisure can be a visit to the Palace of Benrath (Schloss Benrath). 

It is located slightly away from the city centre. You can get there by tram, subway or car.

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Before visiting the museum you should familiarise yourself with its hours of work. It is also important to know that a visit to the Benrath Palace is allowed only in the presence of a guide. English-language tours are held only on weekends at a certain time, so it is better to specify in advance what time they start.

I visited the Palace of Benrath on a weekday, because I had no idea about all the above nuances. By a lucky chance, I arrived just at the beginning of a new excursion, the only BUT, was the fact that it was in German. But to my great happiness, I and a few English-speaking visitors were given small brochure describing the rooms of the palace.

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Be sure to take these brochure, because without them the tour will seem boring. You just wander from room to room and do not understand what exactly there is to admire, and why. Unfortunately, there were several places in the palace, about which nothing was said in the brochure, but the guide told about them. Therefore, if you do not understand German, try to come there for the duration of the English-speaking tour, I’m sure your excursion will be more interesting than mine.

Besides the fact that the palace itself is very beautiful and you can admire its interiors, another attraction of this place is the garden, which is surrounded by the Palace of Benrath.

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I, as you remember, was there in the winter, so I could not fully appreciate the charms of this garden, but as far as I know in the summer it blooms and becomes one of the favourite places of the townspeople for walking.

3. Museum of Kunstpalast (Museum Kunstpalast). 

I was attracted to this museum by the fact that the wife of Johann Wilhelm Pfalz, creator of this place (1710), was a woman from the famous Medici family. The oligarchic Medici family is widely known throughout Europe, but you can feel its special presence in Florence.

They built up a lot of buildings and various structures in this city, and, of course, it is their merits that account for most of Florence’s sights, including art objects. They were patrons of the most outstanding architects and artists of the Renaissance.

Inspired by these facts and in the hope that Madame de Medici brought with her several world-famous paintings, I went to the Kunstpalast Museum. Imagine the disappointment that struck me when I found out that it was not so.

In the halls there was mainly works of German artists. Also you can see the works of other European artists who are no less beautiful, but less well known. It is fair to say that the museum still features a couple of works by world-famous artists such as Rubens, Michelangelo and Raphael.

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What I liked about this museum was that in almost every room it was possible to find a book that contained photographs of all the paintings presented in this room with their description. It was interesting and informative.

Another attraction of this museum was that it worked during the Christmas holidays. When everything in the city was closed, this museum worked, to me as a tourist this fact was important.

I’m not suggesting that you do not go to this museum at all, but do not put high hopes on it. Although, perhaps, my opinion is biased. Just after visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, where almost all works of art was the world famous. Became very difficult to surprise me by some art. Perhaps next time I will also be very surprised when I see the Louvre.

4. Museum of Modern Art “K21” (Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen: K20 Grabbeplatz). 

With all my not a love of modern art, the K21 museum struck me to the core. After his visit, I was completely delighted and consider this place to be one of the must-see in Düsseldorf.

In each hall works of modern art artists were presented. Installations in which artists played with light, objects, and sometimes even sounds, attracted attention and amazed imagination.

During my visit, which was in the winter, one floor of this museum was closed for restoration, so if you are in Düsseldorf in the summer, then be sure to go to it and tell me later what is there so interesting. :)

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5. “Media Harbor” (MedienHafen).

Another amazing place in Dusseldorf is a media harbour built in a very original style. There’s each house, it’s a masterpiece. It seems that the main task of the architects was to outdo each other. This place is especially beautiful in the hours of sunset, because the sunlight is pouring on houses and colouring them with its golden colours.

Media harbour is the place that you will definitely want to return to see it again and again. Whether my words will be more eloquent than pictures, so I suggest you look at them.








One of the most famous buildings in the media harbour is the New Customs building, built by the famous architect Frank O. Gehry. About one of his works you probably heard and probably saw either personally, or in photographs. This is the famous “Dancing House” in Prague.











Well, you already wanted to fly to Düsseldorf to see this small architectural miracle?

6. Classic and retro car centre (Classic Remise Düsseldorf).

One more interesting place to visit in Düsseldorf is the retro car center. This is a museum and show room, in which you can admire the various retro cars, as well as buy any one you like.

I am sure that representatives of the male part of the population will definitely be delighted with visiting this center. But I, as a fair sex representative, were equally interested and admiring old cars.

Entrance to the exhibition is absolutely free. There is a cafe-bar on the territory of the center, so if you are hungry, you can have a snack there. And during the meal enjoy cars, because the cafe is located in the heart of one of the exhibition halls.

Also in the Center of Classical and Retro cars you will find an exhibition of retro motorcycles, it is much smaller than an exhibition of cars, but perhaps also interesting for motorcycle lovers.








7. The Museum of Cinema (Filmmuseum Düsseldorf). 

The cinema museum was very interesting to my surprise. Before his visit, I was sure that it is more suitable for children, but since I still have a child in me, I also got a lot of pleasure from his visit.

In the Museum of Cinema you can get acquainted with the history of the development of cinematography, see costumes from historical significant films, shooting equipment, and see how the cartoons were created.

In the museum there are several simulators, using which you can feel yourself involved in the mysterious film industry. I tried them all.

The only and big drawback of museums in Düsseldorf is the lack of English explanations. And since I do not know German, at times I could not understand something.

8. The Japanese Garden.

In Düsseldorf is located Europe’s largest community of Japanese. That’s why in this city you can find many delicious Japanese restaurants, especially those that are located on the territory of the Japanese quarter.

But in addition to restaurants, members of the Japanese community together with the city authorities also built a Japanese garden. Japanese architects were engaged in landscape design.

This garden is an amazing place, because getting to it you forget that you are in Germany. On the territory of the garden there are plants, trees, an artificial pond, a Japanese temple and a Japanese house. This garden is the place where you can get a little acquainted with the great culture of Japan.

As a man who has never been to Japan, I was very interested.









Of course in Düsseldorf there are many more sights, I told you only about those what I visited myself and which made a special impression on me.

Have you ever been to Düsseldorf? If so, what exactly did you like there?

And maybe you live in this city, tell me about what I missed to see?

For those who have never been, did you want to visit this city after my story about its sights?

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