What to do in Shreveport LA.

I even could not imagine that in Shreveport you can find so much entertainment. But I was wrong. I spent a lot of time in Shreveport, to have time to visit all its attractions, but the most interesting and funny happened to me a week before my leaving from the United States, ironically.

Some of the attractions I had visited at the beginning of my stay in the United States, some of them even twice, but most of them I saw before leaving, after being introduced to Katy Mayeaux on “My Roses Experience Tour”. She was very kind to offer show me her city Shreveport. By the way, it’s nice experience to be able to see the city through the eyes of locals.

So, what to do in Shreveport?

1. Gators and Friends. Alligator Park and Exotic ZOO.

This zoo is just 10 miles away from Shreveport, you can easily reach it by a car. And given the fact that almost all Americans have their personal cars, this distance is not the problem. In the park you can see alligators, if you come at feeding time, you will be able to see how they are fed. Quite an interesting sight. Also at the park is located a petting zoo where you can feed different animals. Food for them you can buy on a cashbox. In this park you can also a snack in the café, take a picture with an alligator and buy various souvenirs.

What to do in Shreveport LA7

2. Oakland cemetery.

This cemetery is located close the business district of Shreveport. In this cemetary  were buried about eight hundred of hundreds of victims of an epidemic of yellow fever, which was in 1873. One of the hills of the Oakland cemetery it is a mass grave for these people. Also in this cemetery are buried famous people of Shreveport and some ordinary citizens. Staff at the cemetery, can arrange group or individual tour, in which they will tell more details about all the real events and legends of this place. I was interested to see the old graves, made in the style of the 19th century, by the way, the oldest grave in the cemetery dates back to 1842 year.

3. Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center.

You even can not imagine how many times I had seen in TripAdvisor refer to this place but never visited it. I was sure that this is the place for a children. But one day, taking a walk in Shreveport with Katy, we decided to visit the Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center.

And that was really a good idea. I’m like a little kid, ran around from one part of the museum to the other, with enthusiastic eyes and admiration. Sci-Port Center it is really a place for children. It is divided into several sectors, in each of which children can try themselves on practice to do some particular industrial job.

Unfortunately, we had little time for visit, so we went for the main areas and have gone further. At one moment we were run close to the astronomical department and there Katy met good friend Greg Andrews. Greg was very happy to see her and kindly offered us to rise to the roof to look through the telescope at the sun. It was the first time when a took a look through a telescope, I really enjoyed it. And Greg was very kind and nice person, big thanks to him for this experience. Btw, hello Greg and Katy!

4. Spring Street Historical Museum.

It was another fun experience of visiting the museum. One morning I’m with my friend Vesna went to see this museum. It is located in the heart of the city, located in a small two-story building. According to the museum information the building preserved from the 19th century.

On the ground floor you can find a variety of photos, objects and things, that are related to the Civil war.  On the second floor is an room in which the furniture is presented, which was established in the 19th century. And out of this room, you can go to the balcony and enjoy the downtown view.

At the entrance we were met by an owner of the museum. He showed us the first floor of the museum and allowed us climb to the second floor and make a photo shoot. Apparently in this museum are the camera, because when we went down after a photo shoot, he greeted us with a big smile and a jokes about what we did upstair.

A few days later, when I came to Muticultural Center of the South, which is located exact opposite of the Spring Street Historical Museum, I saw him from the balcony. He stayed on the entrance of Spring Street Historical Museum. When he recognized me, we began to talk. And later on he start to joke again and sit on the floor like a model. I laughed for a long time.

I told you, the Americans quite funny and friendly people and for them is easy to joke and chat with strangers.

5. Shreveport Water Works Museum.

Frankly, this type of museum I visited for the first time in my life. It is close to downtown of Shreveport, but closer to the industrial area. In the museum you can get acquainted with the history of water works of the city of Shreveport. “The McNeill Street Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1887 as the original water works for the City of Shreveport, Louisiana. It was the second water works built in Louisiana and one of the first in the post-Civil War South”. (This part I took from here.)

Do you know what surprised me the most? When I arrived, I was the only visitor to the museum, but a museum employee politely offered me a tour. I agreed and we has really a nice time. He told me a story and showed how works some mashines.

It was really interesting and informative place. And “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE WATER YOU DRINK?”. That is a slogan of the museum.

6. Muticultural Center of the South.

In this museum we went with Katy. We were greeted by a friendly staff member at the reception who told us where to go and what to see. In the Muticultural Center you can get acquainted with the cultures of different countries. You can see also some things what they brought from the other countries just to show to the people. This museum was interesting and nice. There we also met the Executive Director Janice R. Gatlin, she asked me to be a model for some pictures. I did and after we left.

7. Elvis Presley Ave.

Few people know, but in Shreveport there is a street named in honor of Elvis Presley. This street was called like that, because on this street is the studio where Elvis recorded his first song. At the moment, on this street is located a monument to Elvis Presley and James Burton. James Burton no less famous american rock guitarist.

One day, Katy bring me on this street to show local landmark. Coming out of the car, we came to this studio, but unfortunately it was closed. At the same time from one building in front came out one woman. Katy decided to go to her and ask how to get to the studio. They immediately struck up a conversation from which it was clear that this woman Louise was the wife of the legendary James Burton. She also told us that James was also here an hour ago, but at the moment he left for Texas.

Seeing our faces frustrated she came up with a brilliant idea, she decided to call James and ask him to come back, so we can get to know him. And what do you think he answered? That he is soon coming! I was smitten. Within a few minutes, James really arrived, we met, took a pictures, chatted, and he went on. That was something unbelievable and from this moment I respect to James Burton.

P.S. James Burton and Louise had “The James Burton Foundation”. They help to the kids which wish to play the guitar.

8. First United Methodist Church Shreveport.

This is the place where Katy worked before. She brought me there and arranged the tour. By the way, in Shreveport is a lot of churches for different faith. This church is very beautiful and big.

9. Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSU).

I have to say, I have never been in this university, but once walked on its territory. And to be honest there is very beautiful nature. Just look at the photos and you will see for yourself.

10. Other places.

Of course, I have not listed all the places for visit in Shreveport, only some of them. But in those photos I’ll show you more places which can be interesting.

And of course if you have any questions or any comments, feel free to write them under this article.

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  • Katy Mayeaux


    What wonderful photos from your time here in Shreveport! Thank you for mentioning me and Greg Andrews in the article. I’m sure that Shreveport, Louisiana can’t compare to some of the other truly fabulous places you have been, but even ordinary places can hold some delights. I am so glad I got to met you and do a few fun things together.


  • Greg Andrews


    Like Katy expressed, many thanks for the mentioning us in your article! It was a brief but fun opportunity to talk with you and show you your lucky star haha. I hope you check out the night sky as you travel. And hopefully you come back within a few years. There’s more places to see and do!


  • Marty Loschen


    thanks for the wonderful comments about the Spring Street Museum…come see us again
    Marty Loschen


    • ellina raisovna


      You are welcome, Marty! Have a nice day!


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